This library was created to simplify the JavaScript customizations on Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms.

The methods and selectors are very similar to jQuery and use fully supported methods to achieve their purposes .The selector vary according to the control type(standart,lookup ,optionset,section,iframe,tab).xrmJS selector is "_".

This library also includes an intellisense file to provide intellisense support on Visual Studio .

How To Use

  1. Download xrmJS library.
  2. Add to your CRM web resources.
  3. Add xrmJS to your form libraries.
  4. Use xrmJS!

A few examples

//hide lookup from MS CRM form

//get field label
var label = _("f:new_name").label();

//set field label 
_("l:new_field").label("New Label");

//set field value
_("f:new_field").val("New Value");

//get field value

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